Our Commitments

EMIGA is committed to providing the best of raw materials and ensuring that we offer reliable products that respond to the exact needs of our customers.


EMIGA maintains a real pedagogical approach with the harvesters of our Arabic Gum. These direct relations enable EMIGA to have the valuable knowledge of cultures and master the supply of Gum. 



EMIGA is constantly looking to improve it’s services. We are working on implementing new quality approaches to best respond to the our customers’ requirements: BIO certification, ISO 22000 certification. 

We are ISO 9001 certified: 

Download: ISO 9001 Certificate  

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EMIGA is committed to sustainable development to along with producers of arabic gum. Creating a carbon sink over 8000 hectares of Acacia plantations We work to ensure the integrity of our supply chain and transformation.

Demarche HACCP

EMIGA, supported by an external consultant, is transitioning towards an HACCP certification. We are continuously working on controlling the physical, chemical and biological risks of our raw materials.


EMIGA continuously improves its CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach, its operational activities and management activities set up through : 

  • Respect of environmental rules
  • Compliance with ethical business rules
  • Protecting the environment and biodiversity.
  • Respect for human rights, health and safety. Commitment from our suppliers 

Recherche et development

EMIGA invests time and resources in research and development of its business. Partnering with public and private research laboratories, EMIGA is working on innovative plant transformation processes.